Tuesday, June 24, 2008


thank youcarrie
my old and dear friend

it is so nice to seeand hear someonecome out of the wood work

to answer you all who wanna know the little summary of my life
aint gonna happen
cause it can't be short
i should write an autobiography
i can knock your socks off then
but not now
i have had enough of drama
i am argued and cried out
and i am not gonna let anyone hold me down
i wanted this page so i could write freely
to findmy way
here and out in the real world and that i am gonna do
i saw a quote on a friends myspace page
......"people say that i have changed
i say i found my true self"


i have been enjoying my kids these past few days
we all went to kennywood on sunday
i freaking rode the aero 360
and for those of you that dont know what it is...
it is this torture chamber that locks you in and goes upside down and around andholds you in the air for 5 seconds....
upside down....
and not only before the ride starts do i picture the restraints coming loose and letting me fall to my death, but i do it every two seconds as my kids flash by me,waving hi i feel like i am falling to my death...
other than that we had so much fun...
i took my nephew on the log jammer...
we were all laughing and then that first hill know....the little fast one...
and he says
aunt jen
i'm scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaared
the rest was all down hill
the first ride i take my beloved nephew on
he hates it
me and abs rode the jack rabbit in the front seat
she is such a dare devil
she loves everysecond of it
as i held onto her for dear life
she rides with her hands up and laughing
how free
i watch her hair blowing
and laughing almost uncontrollably
how free
how young
how fun
we all had fun
lots of laughs
i loved every tiring second of it


~d said...

So fun. :) GOod to hear. I cannot BELIEVE you got on that ride.

You only live once. ;)


Carrie said...

your girl is a brave one!

ahhh, kennywood. so many memories. i always think of the woodland hills "kennywood day" and all the slumber parties that were the night before. I think of Thomas Kilgour & Brian--and that entire Swissvale gang. fun stuff. i remember that crazy noah's ark. seriously, i think a load of stoners designed that thing, LOL.

We took Joe to Kennywood a few years ago. The jack rabbit...he could only say only after it skips the track...."this thing is def not safe" hahahaa. Those coasters are like 10000 years old. how do they still pass inspections?

what a nice day & it brings a smile to my face that you are able to enjoy a day like that and your kiddos.

Carrie said...

and you are welcome (smiling & waving at you)