Tuesday, June 3, 2008

i am almost on e

i am so frazzled
this blog was to hep me find myself
to write what i want
what i feel
and i spend most of the time explaining why i feel certain ways
i am now done
i am going to type happy shit
fucked up shit
sad stuff
whatever stuff

i cant stand it anymore
it is funny this way
i put my feelings out there
and you know who you are.......
just use it as my weakness
an achilles heal if you may...

well watch out
cause i am on to you
keep your friends close
and your enemies closer....

i think that some of you are just mean

thank you charlotte
thank you
you always open my eyes when i become blinded

it is funny...this life of mine
when i think that i am just getting to find out who people really are
let my guard down
to let you in
and you shit on me

i am done explaining
i am done doing things for you
and i am done tiptoeing around you

and stop using this blog as a way to communicate anonymously
tell me if you have a problem
and own your comments
i have the balls to put it out there
why dont you claim your comments

from now on...i will put it all out there
the funny
the sad
the angry
and the pathetic

i am running out of emotion for some people
i am alomost on e


~d said...

so how are you goinna fill er up?

e is a bad place to be: for anyone.


I think I have some gas.. in a red can .. in my garage...