Wednesday, June 4, 2008

last day

so today is the last day of school....
i was taking pictures this morning
so i can have first day...
last day

jared is all like WOO HOO.. i gonna see my friends?
and abs...she is excited to be in kindergarten....
all of them came home yesterday with packets of papers
work from this year
work from all year and
blank pages ....
crisp new worksheets to do over the summer

i think jared already pitched his...
lily's are under lock and key
she has started her packet...
only one sheet a day
and so has abs
the two of them ( the girls)
are already through it...

so funny
they are all so different
and all getting so big

oh well..
as soon as i get my computer working normally again
i will begin to post pictures

so i am taking ideas
for activites for the summer
i already am on it for the childrens museum membership
it is air conditioned and well...that right there sold me
we have aunt kaths pool....
and i will have to start saving for gas now...
i hate the zoo
it stinks
it is all pretty much up hill
and most of it is in the hot sun
the henderson clan more than likely,
unless bribed
will not be seen at the zoo this year
and we have the sprinkler park
other wise known as swisshelm...
we live there
i literally pack for the day
and park it
the kids love it
they can run and play
get wet
nap in the shade and it is free

so if any of you care to join me
that is where i will most likely be this year
the sprinkler park

i will either be there or haning out on the rankin bridge....
summer is here!


~d said...


i'M FRESH OUT Of idears..
museum here we come
and keep our eye out for free shit days.