Friday, June 20, 2008

one more thing

one more thing today
you people that love to comment
stand on your soap box...
i give you alot into my life
take it or leave it
it cracks me up how people are so fast to tell you what is wrong with you
when they are the ones that should be looking closer into their own life
maybe you all should read some of your comments
on this
and other pages that i have read
people in glass houses....
i have a quote for you all....
i liked it
and i didnt write down who said it..
but anyway
"...and by the way, everything in life is writeable if you have the outgoing guts to do it.
the worst ememy to creativity is self doubt"
i am not sure why i do this
why i blog
to connect
to get others input
not sure
but again
you dont like it
dont read it
and please...can you all give your names
not mrsblog
or mamadrama
or whatever
just deb
or meg
or jen
a name
dont be so cowardly


mrsblog said...

Honey, no judgement, no offense meant. Its ok. We all want to help you and support you. Its easier to have these conversations like this. You get so angry, and hold grudges, and place blame. Just want to help you to think, and connect, and release. You are still in your own recovery. Take care of yourself, otherwise, you won't be of any help to anyone else. You are number one on the priority list. Focus and work on you, your life, what direction you want to take. Its like you have always been searching for that something, or someone to love you. You have so many that love you. Love yourself.

~d said...