Tuesday, June 10, 2008

just babbling

so ..
the video is out
it is here
and i loooooooooooooooooooooove me some new kids
i am hearing them on the radio

my kids are like
your song
i hear it


how fun
i am hot

does anyone not have central air..........
it is like a prison camp in here
a sweltering sauna box

and it is a mess
i cant even walk from room to room without having a bead of sweat drip from the underneath of the boob down the gut

i am so fucking hot

and did i mention sunburned on top....
yeah from the day that i fried my fat ass in the sun
sitting with the hose as the human
that was almost a weeka go and my skin still hurts
my kids dont even look like they were in the sun...
i lathered them up with a 50 and by the time we got down to collin
i was soaking wet with sweat..
n ot that i wear sunscreen
i should
cause now i have these spots on my neck that i am fearing is melenoma...not sure if i spelled that right
i am just babbling....
i need to clean and dive into the laundry that i have let pile up since thursday..
i have no underwear


~d said...

I am so glad there is someone else on this earth that runs out of underwear...

And the melanoma.
get that shit checked: NO JOKE.

I had a 24 year old DEAR friend: die from melanoma. She waited too long.. for what she thought was a birthmark.. for so many years.

I don't need two friends gone.
I called my doctor.
You call yours.