Wednesday, June 4, 2008

one more thing

so i got it
i read the comments over and over
and i am sorry if i am coming off all pissy
but i am a miserable bitch
i am
and you all dont make it much easier for me to snap out of it

i just want to make one thing clear and then i am done defending my blog

I claimed to have an asshole husband
there i said it
and he is not an ass all the
and i did claim to be trying to get my shit together
trying to make a marriage work
and trying to be a good mother and house wife...

but i never said anything about our family not being there for me...mine or his

i get lots of help from you michelle
infact i think i thanked you in a blog of mine

and mom
you too
even though we dont talk much, i know you support me

and to everyone else...



christ do i have to hand out ribbons or little certificates to let you all know that you are appreciated

i sit here and i read these comments from family and let me tell you
you can come on here and be anonymous all you want
i know who you are just by the words that you use

it is so sad that i have to do this...
i wanted to have a blog where i could be funny
or where i could vent when i was pissed off
and now it is being used against me
to keep tabs on my feelings

does it make you feel good to try to wreck this too
to throw your two cents in

i didnt mind it for a while
but if you are going to read this blog...then READ it
dont skim it

i love the comments good and bad
when they are about the blogs that i write
not the ones that you skim......


Aunt Kath said...
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~d said...



open invite to the pool...
should i print it out and use it as my season pass??????or sew it to my suit??

Bill said...

I couldn't agree more tell whoever it is to kiss your ass. Do whatever the hell you want and be happyt don't let some chicken shit try to tell you anyting. Remeber people who live in a glass house should not throw rocks. Only God can judge you, the rest can go #*@$ themselves. And yes I did just quote Tu Pac. I sound like a Dad with the glass house thing.
Love Bill