Monday, June 2, 2008

sex and the city

i have to tell you
i dont remember the last time i went to the theatre
The blair wtch project

and to top it all
i went alone

lily had a birthday party at the theater and i went while she partied
something i think everyone with kids and a husband should do once in their life
it is dark
and quiet
and you are completely thrown into this wonderful movie...
it is a movie i wish i would have waited to see with deb, but none the less
Sex and the city is one of the most wonderful movies i have ever seen in my life
these women..the characters....
so wonderful
a movie about friendship
TRUE friendship

as samantha sat feeding pudding to a devestated carrie....
i balled my eyes out
and thought of you deb
you would so do i for you
except ours would be a rudys steak hoagie or a slice or two from mineos
and we would probably not be in mexico...but still......

i laughed asuch as i cried and i felt good..
if you are a sex and the city i am
(never missed one episode)
this movies stay true to the story line of the show...the characters

i just cannot say enough

from the first moment it captures you and you feel everything they are....
and i to agree with deb...
my favorite part of this movie...
the feeling that shows through..
carrie sees big
and then turns to charlotte
and holds her so tight...
oh my....whew
it wells me up just thinking of it
to feel for a friend...
to feel that much for a friend...
takes my breath away

i am lucky enough to have found it again
i can honestly say
when no one else is here for me
deb is
and i know if my "situation" ever got that out of control...she too would let me know
let me know the truth no matter how horrible it sounds
i know i can count on her for the hard truth...
whatever it is

she makes me laugh
we have cried together
and i would do just about anything for her
and know she would and has done just about everything for me

words could never thank you for all that you have done for me deb
you are my charlotte

love you


Anonymous said...

Not to minimize your reflection, but how halarious was that movie, not to mention the wild clothes, sex scenes and not to mention male frontal nudity (that wasn't a porn show). I was not a never miss a show fan but i enjoyed it never the less. And it is funny seeing it with your sister and friends. I think I would see it again tomorrow. I hope you laughed as much as you cried, Jen. If not you must see it again with friends or me.


Anonymous said...

Aw! That was so touching and sweet. I hope you will one day be blessed to have that kind of passion and emotion and love with your husband. There is no greater feeling, and how wonderful for your children to see, and be able to feel. It is so sad to hear you don't have friends or family to count on. You poor thing, with all of those children, supporting yourself, your husband and you can't even get away to see your favorite band for a weekend! I hope you have another chance to see your band you love so much. Sounds like you have earned a weekend for yourself and don't even have family or spouse support to babysit. Hang in. Good things come to those who wait!

Anonymous said...

No family to count on? Supporting yourself, husband and kids? Is that what you tell people? Poor thing? What?? Is that what you tell people? If so, why??????

~d said...

sputter.. snort.. gag.. boogers..

I would.


love d