Monday, March 31, 2008

in a perfect world

so i was at the park today
watching collin and i just wanted to post this thought..
we should all take a page from his book of friendship.....

they meet on the slide...

a really cute little blonde girl and i see him talking to her..putting his hand out
"you need a hol my han?"
he says too her
and then she answers

"yeah cause you are my friend"

he walks he past me

"mom....this is my best fwen"

and they played....
holding hands

he didnt care where she lived
or what she was wearing

he didnt ask what she did for a living
or where she grew up

he didnt care if she was a fast runner
or if she could barely walk with the braces on her legs

he didnt care if she was black, yellow orange or red
all he cared is that she rode the slide with him
asked her if she would hold his hand
and now they were best friends.....

everyone should be that non judgemental...

IN a PERFECT world i geuss
or that of a three year old

i wish i could bottle up that innocence and save it on a shelf...


~~~~~d~~~~ said...

Love that last line. Or second to last.. W.E.
Bottle it up

what a little heart breaker he'll be. A good man.

Me said...

Ain't that the truth!