Saturday, March 29, 2008

he totally caught me off guard....

so last children were playing upstairs
too quiet for way too long
i mean we usually have someone crying or fighting by now....
so me and d bet within the next ten minutes...there would be tears
the joy of being right all the time
no tears though, but our little tattle tale
she is so ho hum about
she just sort of appears out of no never hear her coming...
sort of like the butler from Mr Deeds...
seems jared called her the b word and said the f word too...
folks...i have to admit
we swear
i dont mean to sometimes..
neither does d...but we do and we try not to around the kids
but hey
we live in a fuckin two bedroom apartment....
sometimes they hear some stuff
that is my bad parent admission for the day.........
so anyway
i am so prepared to punish jared ..for swearing and probably for lying about not swearing
so he stands in front of me
and i say jared ....did you call your sister a bitch?
and i got the answer
i was already to yell at him for lying to my face..
he caught me off guard
and i didnt know what to say
he told the truth
i was totally unprepared......
me and d have been talking to him about lying
about how the truth is always better in the end no matter what it is...
and there you have it
i know that situation is a little messed up
the word
that he used is on his own sister
but he didnt lie!

go to your room for a while, i will be in to talk to you

me and dj just laughed...
well, he didnt lie
he is already grounded for bad attitude and crying and throughing 2 year old like temper
dj did the talk this time
told him how glad he was that he was honest and let him off with a time out...
next time soap in the mouth threat and he was on his way
i geuss sometihings do sink in....
i hope that as he gets older he will remember that we can handle the truth, no matter how bad
hopefully we wont have to handle anything...that he will just breeze through school...good grades, no bad behavior...all 4 graduate from high school and college and have wonderful lives....happily ever after........
the end


~~~~~d~~~~ said...

Dude.. at least he didnt' lie. Little fucker. Just kidding. ;)

we all say shit we shouldn't. Emma stood on a porch once in the MOST POSH part of Loudoun VA; YELLING.. FUCKING KITTIES. yOU FUCKING KITTIES. We had to shove her 2.5 year old ass in the door as we CRACKED UP. She didnt' learn it in preshcool.