Monday, March 23, 2009

catching up with old friends...............

just look at this
i mean really
i love this shit

read on about a crazy weekend
was totally messed up with a migraine this weekend
but soldiered up for this

yes ladies and gents
a night with the new kids
erie, pa

and thanks to a facebook message from angelo madonna to call dan vok...that it was very important
i was again front and center for a new kids concert
well, front and center on the back stage.........

i mean....donnie IS looking at me here

i am pretty sure he remembered who i was from the dc show
i was the only female towering over the little people
i love my height when i am at a new kids concert

jordan....nice to see you again....

and danny.....looking good

danny has apparently been working out a little more
i mean check the blog from oct
the arms werent this big and he looks REALLY good in person migraine and LOVING the new kids..
i mean the only thing that could have made this night a little more perfect was partner
but thanks to sue
aka....babysitting gramma

who insists on going to these far off lands...i mean who vacations in VIETNAM


sue does...but deb IS eight months prego and well....if she would have birthed at the concert then i would have missed this..............and well..wait
i bet deb that if we get you to birth at a new kids show..
you will DEFINATELY get jons attention...........and we can hang and have pics
i tend to drift off
i will be like this for the next couple of days.....
its like new kids mania

now before you see the below photo...i gotta give you the story
donnie was talking to everyone....and my god..i have to get the video uploaded
but anywhooooooooooo
donnie asked for my friends hat...
i thought for sure he wanted me on the stage
like waving his finger like jonny did to baby in dirty dancing...i was totally lost and in love for 2.3 seconds
and then as i tried to get hello ladies...
he said come on...i realized he was asking for the hat
-i do have this all on video.........
it will be up soon..
i just cant remember how i got the girls on
donnie took the hat, put it on joes head and then jow took it off and gave it back to donnie and then he threw it back into my hands and back onto her head

this was right after it...
on the video you can actually see him laugh with me...shrug and
LOOK DEEP INTO MY EYES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
he totally remembered me

heres to you my five favorite men of all time
you brought another night of happiness into my life

i got to see old friends and meet some new ones too...
what a show
what a night

thanks dan vok
hearing from an old friend
out of the blue
was awesome
and what makes it better is that he really thought of me before putting them on ebay
you owed me anyway
from the time you told dom you knew....
we are now even


supah ~d said...

lmao. you are too funny
damn you susie
damn you vietnam

ill catch the next round.