Friday, October 24, 2008



all i can say is i am flattered
that this anonymouse person feels they have to spend time reminding me of this shit
what else can i say but thank you
i can look in the mirror and love what i see
i have to admit
some days are a little harder than others
but i am a good person
that made bad choices
but i am me none the less
so keep it coming
this is the last response that you will get from me
i cant wait for your daily comments...
how you think you can get to me
you cannot
or will not

halloween is coming up
my kids are thrilled to go trick or treating
i just hate the whole day


devils night

i am scared


and after watching THE STRANGERS
have any of you seen this shit?

if michael myers wasnt enough
now i have these images in my head
i thought it would be fun to watch a scary movie
like i am all grown up now
there arent enough happy movies to take these images out of my head

i cannot go outside after dark
all of my blinds are closed
all the time
my door is always gonna be locked
cause in the movie when asked
"why are you doing this to us?"
the freaky voice behind the mask says
"Cause you were home"
and to make matters worse
at the beginning
you are reminded
that the movie is based on true events
thank you
and good night


Anonymous said...

Let the person say what they want. Believe me there life is a lot more worse off than anyone knows. By not being able to man up. Let them stay in there little cozy apartment in judge. I know who it is and if I remember correctly they have had some trouble keeping a man themselves. The old saying people who live in glass house should not throw rocks, or should we say people who rely on the fry daddy will die
your brother