Saturday, April 5, 2008

a sad day for everyone
marylin herman touched many of us in a lot of differnt ways
but touched us none the less
she will be missed
at reunions...she was the one who appreciated them the most
she touched us all in different ways
but i will remeber her as being so happy with just a hello and a hug from family..
she loved all the kids and taking pictures with them...made her day
she loved taking my brothers college drinking money in a high stakes skat game too...
she did not hesitate one second to take the bank from him her glorious win....we laugh
when everyone talked about her yesterday...
they spoke with a smile
there really isnt a bad word that you could think of when speaking of her...
her whole life....
but it didnt hit me until i sat with taunty at the end of the evening...
she is truly devistated
she said to me...i dont want to sleep, jen, i dont want to dream of her...
brought tears to my eyes
this woman took care of her daughter her whole life...
she was her life
and now that she came to the end of a long road...taunty is left with just memories
i held her little shaky hand as she cried...
her world has been taken away...for the better yes,
but taken away non the less
i will pray for taunty
to have the continued strength to hold live another day....without her daughter
my mom said it best
she got her wish jen
she always wanted marylin to go first.
so that she wasnt alone and most of all
so that she would be taken care of
taunty lives a full life..
she is a strong woman
91 years old
that amazes me
i looked at her in a different light yesterday
a mother
with a full heart
and a sadness that will take a long time to repair
the thought of her returning home, to see marylins things and no marylin..well, tugs at my heart
we all that god that she has rich and maggie
i hope that she will be able to rest easy now..well, as easy as she can
knowing marylin is not hurting
and is with her most favorite people
uncle rege, aunt helen and her dad
rest in peace will be missed


~~~~~d~~~~ said...


Hugs for Taunt.

The pic of her and Gram.

Tears rolling.

Life is so good.