Thursday, April 3, 2008

oh deb...happy days

ok ... so i just wanted to take a little time out
i know what some of you must think
i am a little nuts
for many reasons
but mainly for being 32 (ahem) and still loving new kids ....
for my love for these 5 guys

i am so excited for this reunion..
i sometimes can not speak

you all that have known me for over twenty know
the hysteria
the new kids mania and most of all

you know they were my first crush
and in my memory
my first true love



over the past few months
we have been getting little tid bits of reuion information..

little teasers

until now

deb and i are so excited
what is a better word for excited

i cant think right now

the video clips and such


they are coming back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and my true blue friend and fellow new kids lover (as well as our daughters....come on people we are passing the button if you will)
will be at my side through out this roller coaster of excitement

new kids mania

its back

this was us then

on our way to the best and one of that last new kids concerts ever
the summer tour 91? or 90

that sign never made it in the starlake

they made us leave it outside

suck it in jen...christ

and this is us now

these girls will be taken to their first concert

new kids on the block

this year

we can only hope that our new generation will love them as much as we do....


and remember tomorrow morning
7 am
the today show

i dont know if i will be able to sleep tonight.........


Anonymous said...

I think that was one big AB. NO sucking in necessary. I know you wish that you could have that AB back, I would... I dont think I could go... I can babysit if necessary.
Go sister.

~~~~~d~~~~ said...

Who is that SMOKIN HOT brunette next to you?? WOAH. ( JOEY LAWRENCE) sEE. my entire adolescence was NOT plagued by bad perms.


And the sign. For the love of god. I was creative then? What the fuck is that monstrosity we created? Dude I paint MURALS now. ANd THAT is what we came up with. Fer shame on us. fer SHAME. Watch out may 16. The sign will be vindicated and the TORCH PASSED to our legacies. NY HERE WE COME.. with at least 2 KIDS in tow. love ya

Carrie said...

can you hear me laughing?!!! perms should be against the law.

(giggle, snort, snort)