Wednesday, November 26, 2008

have a wonderful thanksgiving!

today i am sad
i said goodbye to my kids this morning knowing that this is the first year we are not all together as a family
they had lots of questions last night
why am i not coming to grama shells
why cant i stay at daddys house and watch the parade with them
and i cried my eyes out this morning
i was huggin collin,
he said mom
you can let me go now
i said no collin
i cant
i fought back tears!!!lol
watching him get into the car with his jaguar
holding him tight...ughhhhhh
told them to call me for the parade and to save me some pumpkin roll from grams...
this is such a mixed emotions day
you know
all that me and dj went through,
we were always together on the holidays
this is the first year that we are not
and i am just
as aggrevating as it is to travel with kids on thanksgiving
to all the families and firends
i am just really bummed
so i decided to sit and make a list of things that i am thankful for
pshcotropics!!! ha ha
my kids....
my mother and father
most of my family
that i am healthy...for the most part
that my gram is still here for another thanksgiving
my beautiful nephews, when i see their little faces, i light up
i have a roof over my head
i have heat and food and water
i am thankful for rick and joe
and i am thankful that for the most part, i am content...
i dont think i have ever said that
i am content in my life
things could be better, but they can always be way
i am happy i am where i am
i am thankful that i met mike
i fight him tooth and nail lately
looking for anything to push him away
and he is fighting for me
dealing with all my shit
things are good
i am thankful that i laugh everyday
with him, and my kids
and i am just pretty happy with my life..
things are looking up
so to all of you
happy thanksgiving...
thank you for being in my life