Sunday, November 23, 2008

happy holidays

i would love to know why you post anonymously
all of a sudden you have turned into a therapist...
i wasnt aware i was related to any doctors.......

and i would love to know who said i was doing cocaine
i think it is hilarious
yes i know life throws shit at me
i know i may not deal with it well
but come on everyone
i geuss that is what you all must think of me


maybe i post these feelings the wrong way or maybe i really just do not know how to deal with "life"
but i have to laugh
i geuss i will always be labeled a drug addict to all of you
and i geuss that mask is hard to lose
i am not using drugs...
i can take a drug test for all of you if that is what you need
i have no problem doing that

you know..........
i have the balls to post my feelings
it makes me feel better in a way
but i do it honestly and with my name on it
i own it
have the guts to own your bull shit comments, huh?
and so you know
lexapro is not the only medication i am on anymore
its not the meds
thanks for being concerned
and i am honest with my therapist
it is the only person that doesnt judge me...
she listens and recommends
without judgement
i wish you could do the same!
i erased the post i put on here earlier today
because i thought it was unfair to say mean things
but i am right
my feelings are right
my friends and family
you are not my doctor nor are you my therapist
NOR do you know what i am doing in my personal life
cause for dont care to ask
you like to just talk shit
for two
you would rather assume than to know the facts!!!!!
and i am not gonna lie
your comments hurt
everyone in my life knows how much people talking about me bothers me
and i know who you are
i have voiced this to you personally!!!!!!!!
so please
just leave me the fuck alone
cause apparently you are being very nice to my face,
and talking shit behind my back
i am over all of you
that is why no one hears from me
i would rather stay in my own little world
cause for the most part
it is happier than i ever was trusting any of you
why the hell would anyone subject themselves to you
the critic
like you and your life is so
happy thanksgiving
i will not be attending any functions this week
besides my nephews birthday party
at least there i can laugh without worrying about who is saying what
and it sucks cause all of you know that it is this that bothers me the most
i wish that you could come to me
call me
stop by
talk to me
i geuss once again it is easier to send me little comments
i fyou have something to say to me
fucking grow some balls...
quit hiding behind this blog!

i thought we were past this
so happy holidays everyone
ha ha ha
happy holidays


adbaker25 said...

All those labels can be hard to lose, but don't let people get you down-- it can be done.