Saturday, August 28, 2010

i love you mom

sometimes...i get overwhelmed..shocking i know
but today...i just thought about joshua all day.
for those of you that don't know me, Josh is my 16 year old son that has been with my mother and raised with so much love since he was 18 months old
somedays ... most days i failed him as a parent
over and over
and days like today i am so overwhelmed with emotion for my mother who gave up so much for him
for me
i sit in tears for all that i miss and all that i gave him at the same time
how can i ever say thanks mom for raising my son
thank you for dad for showing him what man is
he is amazing..truly
so grown up and i am so proud of him
and i will forever be in debt to my mother for all the love and devotion she has given this boy
while it hurts me, and i am sure him too, all the time i wasnt there i hope that in the future he will always know that i love him
and her
i love my mother on such a different level and i dont tell her that enough
days go by without seeing her
and that should not happen
i love you mom so much
i know we never had that close of a relationship but know that you are the most spectacular mother, friend, PERSON on this earth.
and i will never be able to thank you in a million years for what you have done, given josh
i love you