Sunday, January 31, 2010

see you taunty...

i will always remember how her house smelled..

always remember that she taught me how to wipe the nail polish from around the tip of the jar every time you paint your nails...her house was immaculate..

i loved the way she laughed and the way she said my name..jenny
she was so sweet and she will be missed
she is now with her loves..marylin, uncle rich ...uncle rege and aunt helen, uncle jack
she is at peace
love you taunt

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

miss you buddy

i miss my friend
real friend
i miss my self at ttimes..who i used to be
i am happy some days..most days
and there are other days that i wanna run and hide
thats normal
but i miss my best friend...
i wasnt a good friend
you did so much for me
just know you were and are really appreciated
i hope one day we will be back together
i hate that we broke up