Sunday, May 17, 2009

pics from lilys party

here are the photos i promised...
lily had the best so much
if i ever attempt to take this on myself again...someone just mention may 16th
this is lily and her loot...

we then played games,
hot potato casuse the scavenger hun was vetoed by the rain

i made everyone make a t shirt
had lilys picture on the fron that said
and then they colored, signed, and put there name on it..
that way, i could keep track...

this is the crew...mark, maggie, abby, tyler, chris, steven, ben, maggie, allison
they were like the starter crew, cause the rest came later

lily's cake...she wanted

this my friends is katie...
this is lily's BFF
since pre school..
and if you think lily is bossy, katie is lil X 50!!!!!!!!!!!
so funny!!
the rain stopped long enough for the egg race....
after this was the part where i made dinner...
i fed everyone and then put more hotdogs ont he grill
apparently they dont take that long when the grill is hot
um yeah, no one had seconds
burger kings flame broiled had nothing on these dogs...
they looked like little peices of black chalk..
cut me a break here people
i was solo...feeding like 17 kids
drinks, napkins, ketchup, more drinks
just thinking of it makes me need adavant

happy birthday to you...
make your own sundae!!

i mean how cute are
these are lily's boys, they also met in pre school...
chris and mark

ok and here is the slumber crew!!!!
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...they were so amped!!!
that was the last picture of the evening...
no one slept,
everyone was hungry for snacks at different times
not one of them wanted to watch the same movie
or lay in the same spot
and there were tears and fights over who would lay nest to lil
so finally at one
i made everyone stand against the living room wall....
like freakin boot camp
and i laid there blankets down,
put i carly on
and lights out
i fell asleep sitting up on the couch!!
then i hear a little voice and feel this little cold finger...
miss jen...'
we are up
i am like, ok
my eyes literally were still closed like ten minutes into the morning bathroom trip..
i am pretty sure i fell back to sleep on the toilet
so i showered real quick and made breakfast..
of course
everyone gave me their order...lmao
like i am a fucking short order cook
Um no ladies, we are having scrambled eggs and bacon and toast
your parents will be here soon
if you dont want it, you can eat at home..
here they are eating breakfst...

and here she is
officially 7
my lily bum

she loved every minute of it..from the cleaning, shopping the end..
look at her..
lily bum bum

here are the pictures i promised...