Tuesday, July 15, 2008

walk away

people never cease to amaze me
why cant people just shut their mouths
do i really need the two cents not to mention the third and fourth cent too...
does that even make sense
i geuss these are all life lessons i am learning now
just like i have my whole life
keeping my mouth shut and smiling
thats new
casue it is really hard for me to shut it
knowing when to say enough is enough
cause mamma taught me
it bothers others more if nothing is said at all
keep your friends close and your enemies closer
and walk away
just walk away

im walking
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Thursday, July 3, 2008

see ya

things are getting funny now
very interesting
it is funny what influence family has on all of us
mean, evil, vendictive people
oh well
i geuss everyone thinks i deserve the worst or whatever
but i will come out ahead
it may take years
but i will....

the point of this whole blog is to say farewell for a while
i am getting back into the swing of life
i am going to go to work
soon i hope
and in aug i am all ready to start school...
just waiting on financial aid
keep your fingers crossed

but i am saying goodbye
i cannot stand the fact that i talk on here
and all of you that love to come here to try to get me down, or say hurtful things or what ever you wanna call it...i wish you had the balls to say this stuff to my face
i do
but none of you do
words are powerful
they can really hurt
and for those of you preaching
maybe you should look in the mirror
you know what they say about people in glass houses

my whole point is this
what gives you the right
what gives anyone the right

not sure
but i came
i saw
i blogged
im done

i am leaving the cyber world....
ill be back though

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

melissa dettore

i got a blast from the past today
ha ha ha
it is so funny how the new kids can bring old friends back together
melissa dettore...
how crazy is it...
i love it
she sent me a wonderful card and an inviation to a new kids reunion party...AHHHHHHHHHHH
so fun are invited tooo....
sometime in august...
i love it
so good to hear from you melissa
and your card was very touching...thank you
thank you for finding me
we will all be back together soon....
ill be in touch